Gays in the Locker Room

My sister’s boyfriend would be considered somewhat of an athlete and my sister is definitely an athlete. The two of them have had this conversation at least 3 times (that I’ve heard) and I get annoyed every time.

The conversation the two have is about allowing gay men to change in the locker room with other men.

My sister, although she’s not the most gay friendly person in the world, always seems to argue that there shouldn’t be a problem with gay men in the locker room. I agree, even though she doesn’t sound the most educated when she gives her reasons.

My sister’s boyfriend, although he has claimed not to be a homophobe, is strongly against gay men being allowed in the locker room. The conversation was brought up again because of Michael Sam coming out as gay today.

My sister's boyfriend certainly won't be a fan of him. Poor Michael...

My sister’s boyfriend certainly won’t be a fan of him. Poor Michael…

My sister’s boyfriend wouldn’t want a gay man in the locker room (in general and at the gym he currently attends) and this segregation he advocates for, which is a bit hypocritical given the fact that he is black, comes from his fear that the gay man/men in the locker room will be checking him out. The thing is, if he didn’t know the person was gay, then he’d walk around with his nudity for all to see, shameless, ignorant to the fact that one of the men could be gay, and he’d be totally fine with it. Yet, I guess that goes along with the saying, “Ignorance is bliss.”

My sister brought up the possibility of Aaron Rodgers possibly being gay, given the rumors surrounding him, and how he would react to that. He got highly offended and said that calling Aaron “gay” was offensive. So being gay seems to be his overall problem, but not being a gay woman, just a gay man.

You see, his homophobia is not just to homosexuals in general. No. He likes lesbians.

Yes, he likes lesbians because they have something in common with him: They like girls too. That’s a great reason to be tolerant, isn’t it?

But wait, he says he likes lesbians, but then he explains further that he doesn’t like the masculine ones– they frighten him! Well, it frightens me that he thinks it’s okay to think this way.

Back to the main topic, his argument as to why gay men shouldn’t be allowed in the locker room does not make sense. If he is so scared that a gay man would be interested in his homophobic piece of ass, then he should either cover up or leave. He is the problem– the gay men aren’t and should not be shunned from the locker room simply because of something that they cannot control nor should they feel obligated to stay in the closet for fear of being shunned.

Some men are gay, and some men need to get over it.


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